Frequently Asked Questions


Ordering Information

  • How do i place an order?

    • The most common way to place an order is online through our secure website. You may place an order any time 7 days a week.

    • Or you can call us at (616) 272-6535 Monday through Friday from 7am - 3:30pm.

  • How do I pay for an order?

    • Credit Card, Debit Card and Apple Pay are all acceptable payment methods at checkout.

  • Where do I send my payment?

    • Send payments to 430 Cummings Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49534

  • How soon will i get my order?

    • Ship time varies depending on the quantity ordered, desired colors and shipping location. Typically, we ship products within 2 weeks of placing an order. With larger orders, time may vary.

  • Is a purchase order required?

    • No, we do not require a P.O. but if your business requires one, we will gladly accept those orders.


Product Information

  • Can i get different color frames?

    • Yes, minimum order of 5 required due to additional charges at powder coat plant

  • Do you offer quantity discounts?

    • Yes. We already offer prices that can’t be beat in similar products, but we also offer special bulk pricing for large orders for both residential and commercial sales. Please fill out our Bulk Pricing form so we can further assist you.

  • Is there a minimum order to purchase products from Advantage?

    • No, single orders are accepted as well. Minimum orders only apply when a customer wants a different color frame other than the standard Satin Black powder-coat that comes on every products.


Company Information

  • What are your privacy, return and cancellation policies?

  • Who uses steel site furnishings?

    • Everyone! Site furnishings are commonly found in parks, schools, universities, businesses...anywhere there are people! Wherever there is a need for durable, functional and long lasting outdoor furniture built to withstand harsh conditions.

    • Site furnishings also have a place indoors. You can find site amenities in malls, cafeterias, offices and more.  

  • Is your website secure?

    • Yes, we have SSL (secure sockets layer) within all pages of our site. This means that there is a secure connection between your browser and our website.

      • Benefits of SSL

        • Greater Privacy - SSL encrypts the connection between the browser and web server which securely transmits information preventing unauthorized parties from acquiring important information.

        • Authentication - SSL protects against impersonation by requiring web server proof of identity.


Shipping Information

  • What are your shipping methods?

    • Advantage Outdoor Products uses a third party freight system which has proven to be efficient and more cost effective than competitors. Customer may choose to use their own freight if desire. In addition to offering dependable products at lower prices, we have also been able to establish extremely competitive shipping costs from negotiations with national freight companies.

  • Can I use my own freight?

    • Yes, we understand how expensive freight can be which is why we give our customers the option to set up their own shipments. Typically, we handle all packaging & shipping responsibilities due to complications with freight arrangements. Please contact us if you wish to use your own shipping method so we can further assist in completing a smooth and efficient transaction.  

  • Are shipping costs included in your product prices?

    • No, freight is not included in the prices of our products. Shipping charges are calculated separately and will appear on a separate line item on your order summary.

  • What if i am gone while the product is delivered?

    • Please notify us if you will be gone while product is out for delivery to avoid additional charges. We will send you a shipping confirmation when your item(s) leaves our doors and ships to the desire location.

  • Freight vs UPS, why use one over the other?

    • Freight (common carrier) is used for all products that exceed 150 lbs and is more capable of handling larger products. Advantage uses pre-negotiated common carrier rates. UPS has a weight limit of 150 lbs as well as size restrictions.


Contact Information