Sustainable Site Furniture for a Green-Friendly World

At Advantage Outdoor Products, our team believes in honest and transparent communication with our customers and fellow co-workers. Below, you will find information regarding materials used in the production of our commercial site furnishings. Being a manufacturer of products that are primarily used outside, we take our green initiatives seriously and do our best to ensure we are preserving the ecosystem through sustainable and efficient business practices. From design and manufacturing to weld and delivery, our priority is to continue to make affordable, long-lasting outdoor site furnishings in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Color Options

Advantage Outdoor Products knows the importance of selecting the right color site furnishings to complete your project and/or facility, which is why we offer a variety of color options to meet your needs! Currently, we ship all of our products in a Satin Black powder coat finish and offer 6 different recycled plastic board color options.

Although our bike racks, picnic tables and park bench frames come standard in a Satin Black powder coat finish, there are hundreds of color options to choose from! Minimum order quantity required for colors other than Satin Black.

Eco-Friendly Lumber

Advantage proudly offers park benches and picnic tables that feature PolyTuf recycled plastic lumber that is Green Circle certified to maintain a minimum of 95% recycled content. A premium sustainable product, PolyTuf lumber is part of a “Closed Loop” program and can be recycled again and again at the end of their life.

High Durability ~

PolyTuf lumber is more durable, weather resistant and longer lasting than traditional wood. Being essentially maintenance free, our line of recycled plastic site furniture features Green Friendly boards that are corrosion free, pest free, easy to clean and is proven to be resistant against warping, sagging, splintering and cracking. Unlike other products that required certain types of maintenance, PolyTuf boards require no waterproofing as they are a premium option when it comes to dependable, all-weather site furniture.

Board Color Options ~

Currently, we offer 6 recycled plastic board color options. Colors include:

  • CherryWood

  • Dark Grey

  • Sand

  • Tropical Lime Green

  • Weathered Wood

  • Cedar

Powder Coat Finish

All of our tubular components are put through an extensive powder coating process which adds protection and style to our bike racks, park benches and picnic tables. Powder coating is essentially a process that deeply cleanses, seals and coats metal surfaces and creates an extremely durable and corrosion-resistant finish to prevent rusting fading or cracking for products that are exposed to outdoor elements.

Maintenance Free ~

Because of the extreme durability that accompanies powder coated products, our commercial outdoor furnishings are essentially maintenance free. During the powder coating process, metal components are shot blasted which cleans and removes any and all rust or unwanted material from the metal to prep the steel for maximum powder coating adhesion.

Powder Coat Options ~

  • Satin Black

    • Hundreds of color options available! Due to additional charges acquired at the powder coating plant, we require a minimum order quantity for products in colors other than the standard Satin Black.